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L.U.C.E. is a non-profit platform, a movement, an encyclopaedia, born out of love and fascination for light in fine arts. L.U.C.E. examines the landscape of light art by organising and curating independent exhibitions and online presentations, collaborating and connecting with light art enthusiasts worldwide.


L.U.C.E. stands for Lighting Up Contemporary Experiences, because it is dedicated to highlighting future talent and established players in the scene, and bringing the metaphysical experiences in contemporary art to your proximity.


L.U.C.E. has no permanent exhibition venue. It lives online and infrequently hosts physical exhibitions in unusual, temporary locations. 



Alice Hinrichs is a young curator based in Berlin. She obtained her BSc in Business Management at King's College London and a Master in Arts Management and Administration at SDA Bocconi, Milan. In October 2018 she served in the jury of the International Light Art Award at the International Centre for Light Art in Unna and also leads the T.W. Stiftung in Hamburg. With the platform L.U.C.E. and the corresponding exhibition projects, she has dedicated herself fully to light art.


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Jakob originally studied Political Science in Passau and got a MSc in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Since moving to Berlin, he has been working in the art sector, currently in a Berlin-based contemporary art gallery. 

Originally born in Adelaide, brought up in Spain, educated in Germany, Camille is based now in Berlin, Hamburg and Paris. Her ambition is to stay always curious, indulging an aesthetic of brutal elegance captured by the world that radiates around her. She introduces the observer into new worlds through divine images. Specialized in developing ideas - from strategy to content creation. Creating an homogenic overall vision.


Victoria was born in Germany and grew up in an arts passionate, international family with origins in Chile and Bulgaria. After studying law for two years, she decided to follow her calling, moved to Berlin and studied Media Management at SRH Hochschule der populären Künste, where she shot her first campaign and short movie in 2013. After working in different positions with Fashion and Design companies, she pursued her Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management at SDA Bocconi Milan and recently launched her own agency Xiev&Ova with Diana Masterova in Berlin. Victoria is based in Milan and Berlin.


Diana Masterova is a Berlin-based graphic designer and creative.  She has worked with international brands and together with Victoria, she founded her own agency Xiev&Ova in Berlin. 

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Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray is a Berlin-based creative producer and project manager working within installation art, photography and film. With a passion for languages and extensive international background, she has produced and coordinated art installations in the jungle in Columbia, exhibitions in Mexico City, film sets in New York and projects throughout Europe. Flinder was born in Canada in 1985, where she graduated from Concordia University in Fine Art.

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