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We published an extensive exhibition catalogue to the <extended-mind> Light Art Weekend 2018.


Since ARTE LUCE's inception early 2018, the curatorial platform has exposed and celebrated various positions from the world of light art through social media. Given that the perception and experience of light art on a digital level is inherently limited, ARTE LUCE has launched the Light Art Week(end). It will take place annually, drawing on themes inspired by scientific theories and concepts.


Recapping our <extended-mind> exhibition at Alte Münze in Berlin. Click to see some photos of our opening and find out more about our future projects.


30.11.18 | 01.12.18 | 02.12.18

Alte Münze Berlin

The 2018 edition is inspired by the Extended Mind theory and will feature site-specific and immersive light art works by twelve artists.  



<weisse zeit> 1990

the light artwork by thorbjørn lausten has not been seen for over 28 years. ARTE LUCE and the artist undertook extensive restorations order to be able to present it again in new light at the <extended-mind> exhibition in berlin.

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