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The first Light Art Weekend
Alte Münze, Berlin

It's a wrap! For a short moment in time, we brought light into the dark basement of Alte Münze. We created immersive experiences. And gave an insight into the world of light art. 

Thank you to all who came. We also would like to express our gratitude to all the helpers and partners, without which this exhibition project could not have been possible as well as to the artists.

Please see below for more information.

the catalogue

We published a catalogue to comprehensively document ARTE LUCE’s Extended Mind exhibition, which featured immersive and site-specific light installations inspired by the eponymous philosophical theory. The book continues the discourse about light in fine arts with detailed photography, analytic texts and essays. 

the opening

Photos from the opening night of the exhibition, which took place on November 29, 2018.

We'd like to thank our guests for joining the celebration.

the team

Curation & artistic director: Alice Hinrichs

Communication and Partnerships: Camille Franke

Campaign and graphic design: Victoria Alexiev and Diana Masterova

Production lead: Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray

Lighting designer: Holly Dunstall

Installation: Holger Hübsch, Victor Amé Navarro, Luke Dobron, Marten Thielemann

Volunteers: Adrian Friederich, Adrian Zierath, Anton Hansen, Alexa Käser, Alice Behrendt, Carolina Gonzales, Chalida Asawakanjanakit, David Pettersson, Desiree Mele, Ece Asker, Emilie Aust, Emily Wegner, Jakob Schäfer, Johanna Hacks, Leonora Loudon, Lorenz Nagel, Lotta Wegner, Luisa Korden, Mareike Krieter, Matthijs Hazen, Monty Gimpel, Nicholas Miller, Patrick Leyendecker, Pauline Wegner, Tom Büchsenmann, Vicki Hinrichs.

Special thanks: Alicja Faridi, Andreas Huber, Barbara Körzdörfer, Caleb Screpnek, Camille Cretti, Chiara Valenzano, Chloé Vadot, Christina von Stempel, Dario De Sirianna, Derek Fead, Harald Frackmann, Hoang Hai Bui, Jacky Xu, Jan Eckmann, Jimmy Lin, Johanna Erdland, Julia Pagni, Philippos Tsohatzis Leonie Reisner, Lisa Ganglmeier, Marc Westphal, Mascha Isserlis, Melina Paxinos, Sean Talia, Takashi Kawanishi, Tom Schlotfeldt, Xenia Petrischenko, Ximena Bautista

a project by
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Eine Stiftung für Medien- und Lichtkunst.

supported by
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